ChatData & ChatDB#

ChatData generates SQL from natural language and executes it. ChatDB involves conversing with metadata from the Database, including metadata about databases, tables, and fields.db plugins demonstration

The LLM (Language Model) suitable for the ChatData scene is

  • chatgpt3.5.

  • chatgpt4.

  • Vicuna-v1.5.

1.Choose Datasource#

If you are using DB-GPT for the first time, you need to add a data source and set the relevant connection information for the data source.


there are some example data in DB-GPT-NEW/DB-GPT/docker/examples

you can execute sql script to generate data.

1.1 Datasource management#

db plugins demonstration

1.2 Connection management#

db plugins demonstration

1.3 Add Datasource#

db plugins demonstration


now DB-GPT support Datasource Type

  • Mysql

  • Sqlite

  • DuckDB

  • Clickhouse

  • Mssql

  • Spark


Preview Mode#

After successfully setting up the data source, you can start conversing with the database. You can ask it to generate SQL for you or inquire about relevant information on the databaseโ€™s metadata. db plugins demonstration

Editor Mode#

In Editor Mode, you can edit your sql and execute it. db plugins demonstration


db plugins demonstration