The purpose of the DB-GPT Dashboard is to empower data analysts with efficiency. DB-GPT provides intelligent reporting technology, allowing business analysts to perform self-service analysis directly using natural language and gain insights into their respective areas of business.

The LLM (Language Model) suitable for the Dashboard scene is

  • chatgpt3.5.

  • chatgpt4.


Dashboard now support Datasource Type

  • Mysql

  • Sqlite

  • DuckDB

Steps to Dashboard In DB-GPT#

1 add datasource#

If you are using Dashboard for the first time, you need to mock some data to test. DB-GPT provide some dashboard test data in pilot/mock_datas/, you should follow the steps. add_datasource

2.Choose Dashboard Mode#


3.Select Datasource#


4.Input your analysis goals#

document db plugins demonstration

5.Adjust and modify your report#

db plugins demonstration