Chat DB FAQ#

Q1: What difference between ChatData and ChatDB#

ChatData generates SQL from natural language and executes it. ChatDB involves conversing with metadata from the Database, including metadata about databases, tables, and fields.

Q2: The suitable llm model currently supported for text-to-SQL is?#

Now vicunna-13b-1.5 and llama2-70b is more suitable for text-to-SQL.

Q3: How to fine-tune Text-to-SQL in DB-GPT#

there is another github project for Text-to-SQL fine-tune (

Q4: chatdata with clickhouse clickhouse-sqlalchemy 0.2.4 requires sqlalchemy<1.5,>=1.4.24, but you have sqlalchemy 2.0.20 which is incompatible#

Just set sqlalchemy<1.5,>=1.4.24

pip install clickhouse-driver
pip install sqlalchemy==1.4.24